Sponsorships opportunities are now Open:

The information of this workshop is broadcasted globally and extensively within INDIA

A great opportunity for branding your company and reaching out to the “Product Industry” of India and to the Global markets. Do you want to showcase:

  • your new or unique product to the world,
  • market your design,
  • sell your components to the manufacturers,
  • introduce your new filters, ferrites, noise suppressors, quiet power supplies,

Benefits of Sponsorship:

  • Your company logo and name of your organisation will be displayed on e-banners, e-brochures, e-flyers, e-mail blasts, websites.
  • Your company will be mentioned during the workshop sessions.
  • Your company representative will get to thank or provide feedback at the end of the workshop.
  • You can send a page write-up for inclusion in the training notes distributed to all the participants
  • 1 free pass for attending the entire webinar

For your reference: event conducted by C-PRAV in 2018:

  • One simple Sponsorship type:

  • Rs 1,00,0001 (or USD 1500) flat rate for all of the above privileges

  • Registration for the workshop open: 5th Sept 2020

For Full Details of the Workshop and Any Other Enquires Please Contact:

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